A2P Messaging Fraud Framework

11 Types of fraud in the messaging ecosystem

The multi-billion dollar A2P (Application to Person) market has enjoyed significant year-on-year growth as brands and enterprises increasingly use the trusted channel for authentication and customer engagement, as well as marketing.

It is estimated that fraud is costing the ecosystem at least $2billion annually creating volatility in the market, as well as directly impacting enterprises and consumers.

The A2P Messaging Framework identifies 11 distinct fraud types that impact the global messaging business today. The fraud types are complex and often not well understood by those affected.

The Framework defines the causes, impacts and affected parties of each of the fraud types and will form the basis of future best practice guidelines to be rolled out during the Programme.

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The 11 Fraud Types

  • SPAM
  • SMS Originator Spoofing
  • SMS Phishing
  • SMS Malware / Hacking
  • Access Hacking
  • Grey Routes
  • MAP Global Title Faking
  • SCCP Global Title Faking
  • SMSC Compromise Fraud
  • SIM Farms
  • Artificial Inflation of Traffic
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