Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct seeks to establish a standard of behaviors, procedures, and actions for all actors operating within the A2P (also referred to the enterprise, bulk or wholesale) SMS sector, in order to protect consumers, demonstrate ethical responsibility and maximize value to all companies involved in the value chain. It is applicable to any company involved in creating, routing or delivering A2P SMS, as well as to all others providing products or services to these. It is also meant to be appropriate for companies operating in any country, therefore it does not address specifics of local laws and regulations, although it shall be interpreted and applied in conformity with the applicable legislation. The Code seeks to create the highest possible global standards of operation, ethics and fraud protection to which A2P SMS sector companies, industry regulators, consumer protection agencies and law enforcement bodies worldwide aspire. While being a voluntary code, MEF will award signatories the Trust in Enterprise Messaging Badge, which holders can display and promote in their platforms and marketing materials as a recognised symbol for best practice and trusted business partnerships. The Code of Conduct is presented first. Attached to it are annexes describing procedures and tools that specific market actors should deploy, in order to limit the number of fraud incidents, reduce their impact and aid authorities in identifying fraudulent actors. A glossary of terms used is also available at the end.

To sign-up to the programme, your company must have read and commit to abide by Enterprise Messaging Code of Conduct and have your company code in hands. If you don’t have it, please request it now below.